3 Best Water Toys for Dogs

Water play is an essential part of any canine’s exercise routine and it’s also a great way to bond with your pup. Whether you’re looking for something to entertain your pup at the beach or a pool, or just something to keep them entertained in the backyard, there are plenty of water toys for dogs to choose from. In this guide, we’ll explore the best water toys for dogs and provide tips on how to choose the perfect one for your pup.

Best Water Toys for Dogs

Best Water Toys for Dogs

1. Floating Toys

Floating toys are a great way to keep your pup entertained in the pool or lake. Dogs love to play fetch in the water, but sometimes they need a little extra help. Floating toys are designed to be easily retrievable by your pup so they don’t have to go after a toy that sinks too deep.

Here is a guide on how to choose the right floating toy for your pup:

1. Choose a toy that is made for water. Regular dog toys may not be designed to stay afloat and can easily sink to the bottom of the lake or pool. Look for toys that are specifically designed to float.

2. Consider your pup’s size when choosing a floating toy. Too small of a toy may not be able to hold up to your pup’s jaws and could be swallowed. Too large of a toy may be too heavy for your pup to carry and could be difficult to retrieve.

3. Make sure that the toy is brightly colored and easy to spot in the water. This will make it easier for your pup to spot it and retrieve it.

4. Look for a toy that is designed to be chew-resistant. Water toys are typically made with a durable, hard plastic that is designed to last longer and resist chewing.

5. Look for a toy that has handles or straps, so you can toss it more easily to your pup.

6. Consider buying two or more floating toys, so your pup has several options to play with.

With these tips, you can find the perfect floating toy for your pup to enjoy in the water. Have fun and stay safe!

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2. Tug Toys

Tug toys are a great way to provide your pup with hours of entertainment. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and textures, so you can find the perfect one for your pup. Tug toys also provide an opportunity for bonding between you and your pup, as you can use the toy to play tug-of-war with your pup. In this guide, we’ll discuss the different types of tug toys, how to safely play tug-of-war with your pup, and the benefits of using tug toys.

Types of Tug Toys

The most common type of tug toy is a rope toy. These toys typically consist of a long rope with a handle at one end and a knot at the other. They come in a variety of lengths and thicknesses, so you can find one that’s perfect for your pup.

Another popular option is the stuffed tug toy. These toys are usually made from durable fabric and filled with stuffing. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and some even have squeakers for added fun.

Finally, there are rubber tug toys. These are usually made from a durable rubber material and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They’re great for playing tug-of-war, and they’re also excellent for chewing.

How to Play Tug-of-War with Your Pup

Playing tug-of-war with your pup is a fun way to bond with them and provide them with mental and physical stimulation. However, it’s important to do it safely. First, make sure you’re using a tug toy that’s specifically designed for tugging. Don’t use a toy that could easily break or cause injury to your pup.

Next, make sure your pup understands the rules of the game. Give the command “tug”, and when they obey, give them praise. If they try to bite you or the toy, give a firm “no” and remove the toy.

Finally, make sure you’re playing in a safe area. The tugging can get pretty intense, so make sure there’s nothing in the area that could be damaged or cause injury.

Benefits of Tug Toys

Tug toys are a great way to provide your pup with mental and physical stimulation. Playing tug-of-war with your pup is a great way to bond with them, as it allows you to interact with them in a fun and playful way.

Tug toys are also great for helping your pup develop their strength and coordination. Playing tug-of-war will help your pup build their muscles and improve their balance.

Finally, tug toys can help prevent destructive behaviors. If your pup is bored, they may start to chew on furniture or other items in the house. Providing them with a tug toy can help keep them entertained and prevent them from engaging in destructive behaviors.

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3. Fetch Toys

A fetch toy is one of the most popular toys for dogs to play with. Fetch toys can provide hours of entertainment for your pup, and they can help to relieve boredom and excess energy. Fetch toys can also help to keep your pup active, and provide enrichment and mental stimulation. The key to choosing the right fetch toy is finding one that is safe, durable, and fun for your pup.

Types of Fetch Toys

There are many different types of fetch toys available to choose from. The most common types of fetch toys are balls, frisbees, and sticks. Balls are a great option for most dogs, as they can be used indoors or outdoors. Frisbees are also a popular choice, and they provide a great way to engage in physical activity with your pup. Sticks are a natural choice for dogs, but they should be used with caution as they can splinter or break.

Safety Considerations

Safety should be your top priority when choosing a fetch toy for your pup. Make sure to check the size of the toy, as it should be small enough for your pup to carry, but large enough that it won’t be a choking hazard. You should also check for any small parts that could possibly be chewed off and swallowed. Lastly, it’s important to inspect the toy for any sharp edges or pieces that could cause injury.


Durability is another important factor to consider when selecting a fetch toy. Some toys are made with softer materials, which may not be as durable as toys made with harder materials. If you have a dog that loves to chew, you may want to opt for a toy made with a harder material such as rubber or plastic.

Fun Factor

Finally, you’ll want to make sure the fetch toy is fun for your pup. Look for toys that have interesting textures, bright colors, and interesting shapes. You may also want to consider toys that have features such as squeakers or bells, as these can add to the fun factor.

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Water toys are a great way to keep your pup entertained and active. From floating toys to interactive puzzles, there’s something for every pup. Before you buy, make sure to choose a toy that’s appropriate for your pup’s size, energy level, and play style. With the right toy, your pup will be ready to make a splash!

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